A party with a purpose.
best. date. ever.

Masks & Mimosas.
Friday, February 7, 2020 - Saturday, February 8, 2020

Yessssss. A slow, drizzled, romance-dripping, ultimate Valentine-themed date and learn experience.

It'll be a "hands-on" weekend for the books. You'll leave feeling more connected, meet other fabulous couples, and fall deeper in love.

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The Seven Principles Workshop for couples is a two-day couples workshop based on the internationally acclaimed research of Dr. John Gottman as presented in his New York Times bestselling book—The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work.

This educational workshop has been offered across the US and internationally, and has strengthened the relationships of tens of thousands of couples. It's specifically designed to help couples improve their friendship and learn powerful communication and conflict management skills.

The workshop includes lectures, demonstrations, videos, and private couples exercises. The activities are fun, insightful and informative.
...that means we don't want to hear your personal business at this workshop!
Sshhhh🤫 Don't. Do. It.

Friday evening is specifically created to be a Date Night. Beyond the workshop itself, we will be providing drinks and desserts for you to enjoy while you participate in the training. There are also several awesome restaurants nearby where you can grab food before the workshop begins and during the lunch break on Saturday.

early birds catch worms. be that bird.

This is an intimate setting with only a limited number of seats. First couples, first served.  

What if you could...

Learn exactly what you both need to do and stop doing? Talk about whatever without the fear that you’d say the wrong thing and turn the conversation into a war zone?

What if you could take the very things you argue about and use it to grow you closer together instead of further apart?

Stop walking on eggshells. 
Get off the Blame, Blame Choo-Choo Train.

Act like you care again.

Turn what’s already good into something GREAT. 

If you’re yearning to be vulnerable and create a space so your partner can be vulnerable too, then this is the place to learn how to Get. Naked. (of course, without having to get naked in front of other couples because that would be awkward). 



  • Make your problems work for you instead of working against that last nerve.
  • Be more vulnerable with each other.
  • Build trust.
  • Get clear on the stuff you can solve versus the issues that ain't going away (plus, how to handle that).
  • Be better lovers and friends.
  • Say exactly what you mean so you feel heard the first time and get more of what you want. 
  • Make you go straight home after work, instead of lurking around the office or driving slowly around the neighborhood before pulling into the driveway😂😂😂.

Here's what you'll get

  • 10 Hours of Training from Dr. Roz ($1500 Value)
  • The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work ($17 Value)
  • 2 Seven Principles for Couples Workbooks ($30 Value)
  • Love Maps Card Deck ($16 Value)
  • Open-ended Questions Card Deck ($16 Value)
  • Dessert & Drinks Friday Night ($20 Value)
  • Continental Breakfast Saturday Morning ($20 Value)
  • BONUS: Free Portrait of you and your partner at Date Night ($40 Value)


you pay: $349

Who Should Attend?

Couples who would benefit from this workshop:

  • Pre-engaged
  • Premarital
  • Everyone from newlyweds to seniors
  • Those who wish to take their marriage from good to great
  • Those needing better conflict management

This is not for you if...

  • You're Single and Looking to Mingle...also, no sidechicks, please.
  • There is severe relationship distress, emotional abuse, or domestic violence.
  • One of you has an active addiction (alcohol, drug, gambling).
  • One of you has a serious mental health problem.


Roslyn is a very down-to-earth type of therapist. We thought counseling would be dry and dull but she made it really easy, light, and fun. Been to other places and felt like just another number, but she took the time to get to know us, like a good friend. Worth every bit to help us understand how to make our marriage better.
Sonya and robert
Current Clients
Learning the 7 Principles helped us realize that we weren't in this alone and we're not (that)crazy lol! I learned how to talk better so he wouldn't get so defensive and he can actually relax and be more open to me when I feel like talking. Thanks Roz for being patient with us!
Former Client

special early bird discount: expires midnight friday 1/17/20


board certified counselor

dr. roslyn ashford

Roslyn Ashford is a Licensed Professional Counselor and an expert in developing training programs. She has trained and spoken in front of hundreds of parents, professionals, and leaders to reduce conflict, improve communication, create a healthy lifestyle, and leverage their leadership skills. 

She is a Gottman Trained Leader for the Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work program and has completed Level 3 Practicum Training in Gottman Method Couples Therapy, using this method in her work with couples.

Roslyn is the author of The Sink before the Swim, an inspirational journey about faith, love, purpose, and the “because” behind why bad things happen to good people. She has an online show, Couch Talk with Dr. Roz, and shares both relationship and counseling advice. 

the late bird missed the worm and starved.
don't be that bird.

Save fifty bucks and eat at a nice restaurant before you get here. I know you’re coming.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course, Friday Date Night is Dress to Impress with your most creative, masks for the Masquerade Party.  Saturday, come dressed comfortably. You’ll be sitting in soft chairs for the majority of the time.

Please have dinner before you come on Friday. You can even bring it with you if you’re short on time. However, we will be serving you some delicious desserts on Friday night and we’ll have snacks, drinks, and a continental breakfast for you on Saturday.

This event is designed specifically for people in committed relationships . We definitively don’t recommend making this a first or early date. However, you don’t have to be married. If you’re engaged or seriously dating, you’ll get a TON of value out of attending. You’ll probably fall even deeper in love … which is really the goal, isn’t it?

Yes. Couples who attend our workshop tend to fall into two categories: enhancement and repair. We applaud couples who are wise enough to attend the workshop for enhancement purposes. Our brains are more open to new learning when we are not stressed out, and our workshop is designed with plenty of humor and romance, so enhancement couples have a terrific time while learning. Feedback from both enhancement and repair couples indicates that the couples workshop is very beneficial.

There will be ample parking on the North side of the building. Feel free to park anywhere. The event will be held on the ground floor in the conference room on the left side of the lobby. (You’ll see us when you get there. I promise.)

No problem. Couples sit as an audience the lectures, but we provide lots of extra square footage for privacy while couples engage in the workshop exercises. We’ll be are available to work one-on-one with couples who desire support and assistance during exercises. There is no group work, and no mandatory sharing.

Nope. This is not counseling or group therapy. It’s moreso education. They’ll be no group discussions about your personal issues. All exercises are done privately with your partner. 

Yes, if you’re out of town. Hotel information is provided below. If you’re local, you can certainly go home. However, we recommend you try to preserve your focus on your relationship throughout the entire weekend, if possible. Try not to go home to kids, jobs, neighbors, pets, all the daily distractions and stressors we face. Try to keep the weekend just for the two of you.

We will not be selling tickets at the door. The only way to get tickets is to click the button below, and register. This is an intimate workshop and we’re only accepting a small number of couples. (This isn’t like a normal Date Night with like 400 couples in attendance.) So act fast before we sell out!

There are no refunds. However, your ticket is good to attend a MS Date Night event for up to one year after you cancel. Tickets are nontransferable. 

jill was once a procrastinator. don't be jill.

Don’t miss out on the early bird discount. Get $50 off. 

“Please do not wait until your relationship is swimming down the toilet. Would definitely recommend learning these principles because it can really help you see yourself and take your relationship to another level.”



Ogletree House at The University of Southern Mississippi
118 College Drive #5013
Hattiesburg, MS 39406

Rooms/After Party at:

Hotel Indigo Hattiesburg
103 South 30th Avenue
Hattiesburg, Mississippi 39401

(Special Group Discount when you book by January 17, 2020)

Friday Night
Couples Masquerade Party

6:00pm……... Registration Open & Desserts
6:30pm………Workshop Begins
9:30pm………Workshop Ends

* Please note, dinner is NOT included


8:30am……… Doors Open
9:00am……… Workshop Begins
(Light Breakfast is Available)

10:30am……. 15 Minute Break
12:00pm……. Lunch Break
1:15pm……... Workshop Continues
4:00 pm ...... Workshop Ends

special early bird discount: expires midnight friday 1/17/20